What Are the Biggest Mistakes for Bridal Makeup?

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August 17, 2020
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October 17, 2020

As a Sydney makeup artist, I know that makeup can heavily influence how a bride is feeling, and meeting the soon-to-be-wife’s exact requests is essential for helping them to enjoy their day.

When it comes to bridal makeup and wedding makeup styling, there are some common blunders that can often make brides stressed and unhappy. To avoid any dissatisfaction on your wedding day, be sure to avoid the below bridal makeup mistakes.

  1. Not having a bridal makeup

Don’t leave it all to chance! It is crucial that you organise a makeup test before your wedding day so you and your makeup artist can practice and perfect your look. A makeup trial gives you an opportunity to assess the work of your makeup artist and ensure you are happy with the colours/style that they are suggesting.

  1. Choosing a Sydney makeup artist without conducting any prior research.

Just like all decisions you are making for your big day, research is vital. Searching online for bridal makeup and formal makeup artists Sydney will help you see some of the best makeup artists in your area and compare their offerings. You could look through their galleries to see their previous work with clients and decide whether their specialties and skills will suit you.

  1. Accepting a look that you are uncomfortable with.

Wedding preparations can be exhausting and unrelenting. By the time it comes to thinking about wedding makeup, many brides are feeling the weight on their shoulders. Stress can be difficult to bear, but this is not the time to give up and say who cares!

If you are unhappy with the look and style that your makeup artist Sydney has created, make sure you speak up. The best bridal makeup artists will be happy to rejig and rework your look until you are 100% satisfied.

  1. Stopping application at the chin.

This is a well-known rule in the makeup world: always continue your makeup down the neck. If you stop applying makeup at the chin line, the difference in colour between your cheeks and neck will be notable in photographs and videos. Nobody wants a tanned face with a bright white neck!

  1. Prepare for blemishes.

Pimples just love to appear at the worst of times… If you are doing your own wedding makeup, you should be well-prepared for an acne outbreak. A high-quality concealer will allow you to cover up any blemishes and have perfectly smooth skin.

  1. Not seeking inspiration from your networks.

Although some brides know exactly what they want (you’ve only been dreaming about your wedding day since you were born, right), others may still be in the early investigatory stages when they are searching for a mobile makeup artist Sydney. A touch of inspiration can go a long way when you are contemplating your wedding makeup. I recommend browsing on Pinterest, Google, and Instagram to see some of the best modern makeup designs and admirable bridal makeup Sydney.

At several points during the wedding preparation process, many budding brides find themselves wondering: am I doing this right? Truthfully, there is no right or wrong when it comes to wedding decision making. Always remember that if you are happy and comfortable, then yes, you are doing this right!

  1. Finalising your makeup before purchasing your bridal dresses.

Before you make important decisions relating to wedding makeup, you should decide the colour theme of your wedding and have purchased/selected the bridal party dresses. The venue and bridal colours can have an enormous impact on the type of makeup design you decide. As an example, pink toned makeup might not suit bright green bridal dresses.

  1. Forgetting to invite your photographer to the ‘getting ready’ event.

Photographs from your wedding day morning will help you reflect on lifelong memories. This time is often filled with great anticipation, excitement, and joy with your bridal party. It’s a great idea to let your wedding photographer capture these few hours of eagerness. The best Sydney makeup artists will be happy to have a photographer circling as they complete your wedding makeup.

  1. Exfoliating and moisturising in the lead-up to the wedding.

When you book your makeup artist, be sure to have a conversation with them about what preparation you need to do before the wedding day. Many makeup artists will recommend that you take care of your skin with a strict cleaning, moisturising, and exfoliating routine.

  1. Going overboard with tan, foundation, or highlights.

Ultimately, it is your decision how you wish to look on your wedding day. However, many of the best stylists around the world agree that your big day is a great time to allow your natural beauty to show. This doesn’t mean going makeup free – it means accepting your natural features and working with a popular makeup artist that knows how to let your beauty shine. Selecting eyeshadow and eye designs that emphasise your eye colour is a great place to start!


Who is Alisa Ligato?

I am a fully qualified makeup artist in Sydney. Makeup artistry has always been one of my greatest passions and interests and, since starting my own business, I have been able to help hundreds of women in the Sydney metro area prepare for events and special occasions.

I now have more than five years of experience as a freelance makeup artist, but also have experience working with renowned brands such as MAC Cosmetics and MECCA. Notably, my specialties include bridal makeup, formal makeup, and makeup styling for special occasions.

If you are in need of bridal makeup Sydney, formal makeup Sydney, or other specialised makeup from a makeup artist near me, please feel free to contact me on 1300 910 453 or alisa@alisaligato.com. Alternatively, you can browse my website to learn more about my services, and fill out an online enquiry form. I will be in touch as soon as possible so we can discuss your particular needs and see whether my makeup artistry could benefit you.

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