How Can You Find The Best Freelance Makeup Artist?

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September 17, 2020

If you are considering working with a freelance makeup artist for your formal makeup or wedding makeup, then you are making a great decision. Freelance makeup artists often provide the best rates for high-quality personalised makeup services, and it means you are supporting a local business. Freelance makeup artists are always extremely passionate about what they do (if they weren’t passionate, they wouldn’t have gone to this much effort to set up an entire business!) so you will be sure to get fantastic customer service and an unparalleled set of skills working on your special occasion makeup.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to selecting your freelance makeup artist. As long as you feel comfortable and confident, then you have obviously chosen the best makeup artist Sydney for you! If you are struggling to find a local makeup artist or choose between several makeup artists you know of, the below considerations might help you to make a decision.

  1. Check that the freelance makeup artist services your area.

Some makeup artists operate out of a specific studio or location, whereas others offer mobile makeup artist Sydneyservices. For bridal makeup, some brides prefer to have the makeup artist come to them on their big wedding day. This reduces stress and allows for more relaxation and enjoyment time while the bridal party gets ready for the reception.

  1. Browse their portfolio or gallery to see if their specialty styles suit you.

Most of the best makeup artists in Sydney will be versatile, meaning they can alter their designs to suit your requests. However, some may have certain specialties and ‘looks’ that they are known for. By visiting the makeup artists website or social media, you may gain some insight into their most common designs. While researching them online, you might also like to investigate their years of experience and relevant qualifications.

  1. Price isn’t everything, but it may be an important factor.

If a makeup artist has low rates, it could suggest they are using lower quality products or have less years of experience in the industry. Alternatively, high rates could indicate that they are charging more than necessary for the job at hand. It’s important that you don’t let price influence your decision too much, as it is more crucial you choose a makeup artist that suits your needs and will allow you to feel beautiful, rather than focusing on whether you are saving or splurging money. Although, if you have a set budget or need a cost-effective makeup solution, you should chat to several makeup artists in your area to find one that will offer services within your price range.

  1. Understand what type of products the mobile makeup artist is using.

Only the best makeup artists Sydney will have a wide range of makeup products to suit every skin type. If you have particularly dry or sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to work with a makeup artist that has the necessary products to suit you. Inappropriate or low-quality foundations and creams can cause damage to your skin and present an unappealing makeup design.

  1. Seek advice from your family and friends.

When looking for a suitable makeup artist to complete your bridal makeup Sydney or formal makeup, you should always turn to friends and family for advice. They may have recommendations to help you, or they can assist with researching the best makeup artists Sydney. If you are organising bridal makeup, it is especially important that you converse with your bridal party, as they may be receiving their makeup design from the same makeup artist.

  1. Start looking for a makeup artist as early as possible.

As soon as you know your wedding date or special occasion date, you should begin the hunt for a makeup artist Sydney. The best makeup artists are often booked out months in advance, so you will need to think ahead of time to secure a position. Most people recommend investigating makeup artists eight-twelve months before the date of your big day.

  1. Research reviews from previous customers.

Reviews can be very informative and influential when browsing through beauticians. One negative review might not necessarily mean much, however a multitude of bad feedback could suggest that the makeup artist isn’t the best choice for you.

  1. Get on the phone or send an email.

Don’t be afraid to touch base with several different makeup artists to get a better understanding of their services. When it comes to makeup artistry, the quality of the makeup design is obviously important, but the personality of the artist can be equally important too. If you have a makeup artist that makes you feel uncomfortable or unimportant, this could massively impact your mood on the day of the special occasion. By chatting to a makeup artist on the phone or having a conversation over email, you will be able to quickly assess their friendliness and professionalism.

  1. Book a trial run with your favourite Sydney makeup artists.

Booking trials with a range of different makeup artists can be an expensive endeavour, so this won’t be practical for everybody. However, if you have a budget that allows for some spending, you might want to schedule a test with some of your top picked beauticians. This will allow you to assess the real work of the makeup artists, fully understand what they can deliver for you, know whether their products are suitable, and then make the most informed decision possible.

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Last but not least, don’t get too upset if it takes a long time to find your ideal makeup artist. At the end of the day, your natural beauty and happiness will be the two things that people notice most – makeup can only enhance that. So, relax, smile, and be patient. The best makeup artist is out there somewhere!


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