Bridal Makeup – How you should wear your makeup on your wedding day


    It’s the moment you’ve always dreamed of. Walking down the aisle to your almost spouse, surrounded by your loved ones. But how should you wear your makeup on a day that you’ve imagined so many times?

    For most of you, the thought of this may seem daunting and I don’t blame you. After all, you will be looking at your wedding photos for years to come and perhaps even your children, your children’s children, and so on will too. To help you, I will break down some of the factors you may want to consider when deciding on your ultimate bridal makeup look.

    To begin with, a good idea is to create a mood board of the overall theme of your wedding (dress, hair, accessories) and wedding makeup. This can be a physical mood board or in today’s digital age, an album on your phone with photos that inspire you is also a great idea. This will give you more of an indication of the look you are wanting to achieve with your bridal makeup and perhaps even the overall theme of your wedding too!

    Something to also consider is how much makeup your normally wear for special occasions and day to day. If you don’t usually wear a lot of makeup in everyday life, or when you go to a special occasion, you may choose to go for a more polished, refined bridal makeup look that enhances your natural features. Similarly, if you are someone who loves a full “face beat” with a strong contour, bold lip and cut crease, you will more than likely want to wear makeup like this for your big day.

    Of course, for some of you, you may choose to wear makeup that is the opposite of how you would normally wear your makeup due to cultural reasons or simply because you want to look more glamorous on your wedding day (which is totally fine too) but it is important to discuss this in depth with a professional makeup artist so that you can become comfortable with wearing a different style of makeup, and your artist can discuss with you any reservations they may have with the style of makeup you are wanting. The latter may be for reasons such as your eye shape not being entirely suitable for the look you are wanting, or perhaps your normal foundation not being long wearing enough for a 12 hour + day. All these factors can be discussed and tested during a trial which I strongly recommend – not only will it allow your makeup application to run much smoother on the day as your makeup artist will have a clear idea of your what your bridal makeup should look like, but it will also put you at ease knowing what the end result will look like. Let’s face it, a big “reveal” or surprise is not really what you want on a day like your wedding.

    For those of your that prefer a more natural, understated look, consider choosing to slightly amp up your everyday look as makeup can often appear more washed out in photography than what it is in real life. For example, choose to wear a shade or 2 darker than your usual lipstick colour, or add some soft contour and highlight to enhance your usual blush.

    Above all, your makeup should be how YOU envisaged it to be. Of course, you should consult with your professional makeup artist to discuss what would suit your natural features but this should not jeopardise the overall look that you have in mind, rather just bring what you have in mind to life, whilst still making you look like the best version of yourself.

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